"I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. " Romans 15:13

"Mommy, why does God need Daddy?"

Anyone got an answer for that question? When my precious little one looks at me, as she is cuddled up in her bed, how do I respond to that?

~I have a few responses I could share, but I want to look deeper so that I may give her truth, not just what sounds good or what I've been taught, but God indeeds for me to share with her.

~It's not that God needs her daddy, but that God "ordains the days of our life" and knew when Ryan's life would be over. God has used Ryan's death, to glorify Him. This may be a difficult way to view the death of your loved one, but it's our chose to choose how you are going to look at your loss. I've made the choice to look at it this way because I TRUST and BELIEVE God loves us and that there is a purpose for ALL things that happen. It hurts, but I came to a realization that life is not about me, my kids, my family or friends. But we are here on this earth for one purpose... to honor, worship, and glorify our Father in heaven.

If you have any answers to share please do. Comment and let me know what your thoughts are... I'm gonna continue to search. But first I have to pick up my kids.


  1. Christina's mom has just been diagnosed with cancer and things are looking very serious. I will be definitely be attempting to answer some very difficult questions.

  2. My six year old daughter asks the same question.Like you I believe that God has a purpose and a plan. My husband wanted to know God, his question were beyond anything anyone here could answer. He was a scientist, he studied prophecy with a passion. I tell my daughter that it was daddy's turn to ask all those questions. And I remind her that God is always are daddy and his plan is perfect and someday will look back and it will all be good. Hang in their dear. Kids question will always challenge us to look deeper.

  3. As I have often said in my books and on my radio program, father stands in for God in the eyes of the child. Dad represents the Heavenly Kingdom, and thus father must be principled, honorable, kind, and have understanding. When we are little, though children are close to God through their innocence, we are not yet ready to relate directly to God. That is why God gave us parents, and especially father. When father is not there, we can honor and love the father spirit. God is our true father, and by honoring our earthly father and loving what is right, we remain close to conscience, and it will be but a small step to one day transfer our love from our earthly father that we can see to our Heavenly Father we cannot see.

  4. I applaud your trust in God, but have to disagree about "God needing" the kids' daddy. We live in a fallen world. That is why my husband died at 32. It wasn't God that determined that. It was the enemy, who is just here to steal, kill, and destroy. He killed my husband (allowed in through an open door of my husband's own making), trying to destroy our family. Through God's grace we are now stronger than ever and very happy.